1/365 – January 1, 2017

star photography

It’s January 1st and it’s so dark that the stars can barely be seen by the naked eye but they shine so brightly for my camera.This photo was taken outside my door at 6pm earlier this evening. While it’s nice to not have to stay up late to capture the stars, I’m looking forward to the days getting longer. I was hoping for an aurora tonight but no such luck. I have a feeling that will have to wait until summer when there’s more activity. I have a goal of capturing the Northern Lights while I’m in Edmonton this summer. Time will tell if I can make that happen or not. Wish me luck!

Shooting the stars is something that I started to pick up a couple of years ago when I was still living in Nanaimo. It’s always fascinated me how some photographers manage to capture such magnificent images of the night sky and I wanted to learn how to do the same! I haven’t come anywhere close to most of the artists out there that shoot a lot of nature and night photography but I’m getting there! You will see many more photos of the beautiful night sky this year from me and my camera.

january 1