Jessica | A Snowy Portrait Session

winter beauty portrait

I love snow. Really! I do! lol I especially love a snowy portrait session 🙂
There’s just something so magical about falling snow. I could sit at the window with a cup of tea and just watch the snow fall for hours.

Where I live in Parksville is pretty much at sea level so we don’t usually get much for snow, unfortunately, so when we had that one day of big fluffy white snowflakes I was ecstatic. I’m pretty sure Geoff laughed at me for squealing like a little girl when I looked out the window lol There was only one problem. I didn’t have any clients were booked for that day and no friends or family available to plead with lol What’s a girl to do? Thank goodness for social media! I put up a casting call on my Facebook page looking for someone available to meet up with me for a quick portrait session so I could get my snowy portrait session out of my system. Before long, lovely Miss Jessica volunteered to come hang out with me for a while!

Jessica is not only a very beautiful woman, but she’s also a seriously talented make up artist! If you need to hire someone to do your make up for ANY reason you definitely need to check out Jessica’s Facebook page 🙂 I had the pleasure of working with her on a fabulous wedding this past summer. She not only make the girls look gorgeous, but hung out with us through the rainy day ceremony and photos afterwards to help out and make sure every detail was perfect lol She even went back to the hotel with our bride to help her clean the mud out of the bottom of her dress so that everything was picture perfect for the reception. Stay tuned for a vendor post featuring Jessica and some of her work in the next few weeks!

I thought it would have been quiet at Rathtrevor while we were shooting but there were several other people walking the trails and enjoying the snow. I was a little glad to see that I wasn’t the only crazy one out there lol We wandered through various places in the park finding some gorgeous, picturesque nooks and hideaways in the trees. Rathtrevor is beautiful all the time but it’s pretty incredible covered in a blanket of soft fluffy snow 🙂

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Thank you Jessica for being my muse!

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