Amanda + Ryan | Bowen Park Wedding

iconic bridal portrait

Amanda & Ryan | Bowen Park Wedding

Some people say that love is an adventure in itself. These two have been on enough adventures together to know!
If you’re never been to a Bowen Park wedding you haven’t seen the beauty of a ceremony there. It’s one of my favorite places for a wedding ceremony and was absolutely perfect for Amanda & Ryan, despite the looming threat of rain!

bride having hair done bride having hair done

Thanks to Edge Salon for hosting the girls and allowing me free range of the salon for creative purposes 🙂

bride having makeup donemake up on counter sweet note from groom to bride with chocolates

The friends that were tasked with delivering this super sweet note and adorable gift had their cameras ready but Amanda didn’t give up a single tear! That girl had laser focus the entire morning while the girls were getting ready to walk down the aisle!

bridesmaids having hair donebrides dress hanging on dark wall in salon
There’s a wedding dress and then there’s THE dress.  This was definitely THE dress for Amanda. It was shockingly perfect for her and I’m pretty sure there was a collective sigh that went around the room when Amanda put it on.

black and white brides shoes rings on brides shoes wedding rings in wooden boxbridesmaids getting dressed
A little bit of hilarity ensued as the shortest bridesmaid helped the tallest with her dress 🙂 To be fair, I think the height difference was enhanced a few inches due to the tall beauty wearing heels and the shorter one being in bare feet lol

brides dress being buttoned up groomsmen finishing touches
Pro Tip: If you plan to wear a dress with buttons do yourself a favor and stash a crochet hook in your purse so the dress can easily be undone at the end of the night. 🙂

You can find crochet hooks at almost any crafty type store or store with a craft section. Sometimes even the dollar stores carry them.

Your spouse (and dress!) will thank you!

iconic bridal portrait portrait of bride & her mother groomsmen shoesgroomsmen getting ready groom doing up suspenders
Most grooms decide to skip the getting ready photos so it’s always fun when the groom joins in on the fun. It can be a lot of fun hanging out with the guys while they’re getting ready!

broom getting help with his collar ryanamandawed_before076-mediumgroomsmen in a line
Despite the overcast skies and the looming threat of rain, Bowen Park made an absolutely gorgeous place for Amanda and Ryan’s wedding ceremony. What better place to say “I Do” than in the forest surrounded by nature and your friends & family? Even the ducks in the pond behind us seemed to quiet down a little and enjoy the ceremony.

wedding guests at outdoor wedding bridesmaids walkingbride walking with fatherbride walking down the aisle with her fatherbride walking down the aisle at Bowen Park bowen park wedding ceremony west coast wedding ceremony bride putting ring on grooms hand bride putting ring on grooms handgroom putting ring on brides handbowen park nanaimo wedding ceremonyknot tying ceremonybride and groom knot tying ceremony
“Let this knot indicate the strength of your love and be a symbol of your unity from this day forward.”

For those of you not familiar with what’s happening here, this is a knot tying ceremony. Amanda & Ryan literally tied the knot 🙂 It was the perfect unity ceremony for their nautical themed wedding.

The knot tied is said to be the strongest knot. The rope will break before the knot comes undone and the knot only gets tighter with pressure.

For more information on knot tying and unity ceremonies take a peek at this link:

knot tying ceremony bride and groom knot tying ceremonybride and groom first kissbride and groom portrait at bowen parkbridal party portrait in picture frame at maffeo sutton park dark green portrait of bride and groombride and groom on dockbride and groom on dockbride and groom on dockbride and groom on docknanaimo boat basin wedding photosharbour wedding photosbridal party group portrait with high rise apartment building in background bridal party group portrait on bridge bridal party group portrait on dockbridal party group portrait on dock bridal party group portrait groomsmen on dock wearing sunglasses with arms crossed groomsmen portrait on dock bridemaids portrait on dock bridemaids portrait on dock candid wedding photo of bride and groom walking up a rampa sweet wedding favor wedding reception decor wedding reception decor wedding reception decor head table wedding decor head table wedding decor reception ceiling treatmentbride and groom reception entrance screeching in ceremony screeching in ceremony wedding buffet desserts wedding reception decor bowen park wedding receptioncake cutting set with shells and pearls bride and groom in boat cake topper nautical themed wedding cupcakes cake cutting ceremony bride cake smash bride smashing cupcake on grooms face bride smashing cupcake on grooms face wedding shoe game bride and groom first dance live band at wedding bride and groom dancing

Special thanks goes out to my awesome second shooter Re Bastien and my always awesome assistant Geoff for their help on this gorgeous rainy day wedding 🙂

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