• Q: I don’t look anything like the women on your site…I’m way older/curvier/less sexy. A: This isn’t so much a question but rather something I hear from people ALL THE TIME. Not everyone is comfortable with their images being shown online, which is why I can’t show you a full range of people that I’ve photographed BUT, I promise you that I have photographed every body type and know how to make you look your best. You’ll find the occasional model on my page but 99% of the women you see here are just regular women…mom, bride, wife, barista…all with their own insecurities, just like everyone. Stretch marks, cellulite, curvy, thin…you name it, I’ve photographed it AND made them all look & feel beautiful! You don’t need to lose weight, you don’t have to know how to pose, you don’t have to have perfect skin. You just need to be brave enough to book your session and be willing to discover the beauty within!
  • Q: Do you use Photoshop? A:Yes, but not extensively. My retouching routine includes removing blemishes, light skin smoothing, exposure corrections, and color corrections. At the end of the day your photos will still look like you, maybe just a bit more glamourous  I use a variety of posing & lighting techniques to highlight the parts of you that you love while minimizing the parts that you aren’t as fond of. I don’t do body reshaping, background removal, root touch-ups or fix horrible spray tans – any of those things get sent out to a retouching service and will incur an additional fee if requested.
  • Q: I found this photo on Pinterest. Can you recreate it? A:If you’ve seen my portfolio you should have a pretty idea how I shoot and what your photos will look like but I’m always open to suggestions if you’ve seen an image somewhere that you’d like to try. If you do have anything like that feel free to send over a photo and I’ll add it to my set list. Please understand that while I can do my best to recreate the pose, your image won’t look the same as your inspiration photo due to differences in lighting & set.
  • Q: Will my photos being on the internet? A: Not unless you give me permission to do so! Images are never published without your okay! If you do give permission & change your mind later, no problem at all. Just let me know and I’ll do my best to get them removed from the web.
  • Q: Do you provide outfits for the sessions? A:Unfortunately not. You will be providing your own wardrobe for your session but I’m always happy to give suggestions or help you shop
  • Q: What’s the difference between a “beauty” session & a “boudoir” session? A: Beauty vs Boudoir is like Cosmo vs Maxim. Beauty sessions are a lot like boudoir but they tend to focus more on beauty & creating gorgeous portraits as opposed to full body and/or sensual imagery. They still include professional hair & make up with my awesome stylists to pamper you and make you feel like a super model.
  • Q: Do you work with couples? A:Absolutely! Couple’s boudoir sessions are an incredible way to show your relationship in a more intimate, romantic way. I do have some rules in place for these sessions for my own comfort levels such as no male nudity and no sexual interaction. I strive to produce images that are timeless, romantic & can be hung on a wall (even it’s only in your bedroom). Your relationship with each other and the love you share will be the focus of the images, not sex.
  • Q: Can I do my own hair & makeup? A: If that’s your preference, then absolutely. I do always recommend using a professional that is trained in on-camera hair & makeup. If you are doing your own you’ll want to make sure to be bold with it. If it seems like you’re wearing too much mascara then you should probably add another coat  The lighting in the studio will wash out your skin and change how your make up looks. PS. No Glitter!
  • Q: Should I tan before my session? A: No! Fresh spray tans don’t look pretty on camera. Even the most subtle glow can show up Oompah Loopah orange under studio lighting. If you must tan then I suggest no less than a week before your session to give it a chance to fade. (See above note on retouching spray tans). If you prefer a tanning booth to get your summer glow then I would recommend no tanning within 3 days of your session and limiting how long you stay in to reduce the risk of burning.
  • Q: Where do shoots take place? A: Your home is a great place to create images – you would be very surprised what we can create in your own home! Other location options include anything from borrowing a friends swanky master bedroom to secluded outdoor spots & hotels! Hotel are fantastic because you can book the hotel for your session & then treat yourself to an overnight stay complete with night out since you’ll already be looking fabulous!
  • Q: What if I don’t know how to pose? A: Don’t even worry about that! That’s not your job  Your job is to follow the instructions that I give you as we go. I have the posing part covered!
  • Q: Do you offer payment plans? A: Absolutely! Payment plans give you the opportunity to get the package that you really want without maxing out your credit card all at once!
  • Q: Do you shoot nudes? A:Yes – I shoot tasteful nude images. Think Playboy instead of Hustler.
  • Q: How do I book a session? A: To book your session you can contact me via e-mail, phone or Facebook with your preferred date. There is a non-refundable retainer of $150 required to make it official and reserve your date & time. You are not required to choose your package up front but it’s a good idea to have an idea of what you would like prior to your session as your balance will be due the day before your session. This ensures that you don’t have to think about it on the day of the session and all you have to do is show up and be fabulous!
  • Q: I want to give my significant other a boudoir session as a gift. How can I do this? A: Because boudoir sessions are so intimate and highly personal I always recommend purchasing a gift certificate. At that point the lucky lady can then decide if she’s comfortable with a boudoir session or if she would prefer a beauty session instead?
  • Q: My question isn’t listed! A: I can answer all additional questions via the contact form on this page.