Comox Portrait Session | Naomi & Nico

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Comox Portrait Session | Naomi & Nico

“I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.”
― Roy Croft

I *love* graffiti. I especially love well done graffiti that someone has put their heart & soul into. I also really love when a location like this one is allowed to exist, undisturbed. It’s not in public view every day so nobody feels the need to paint over it. I love that the art work here is allowed to grow & evolve and liven this space up with a multitude of color and expression 🙂

Spaces like these are so perfect for interesting and unique session locations 🙂 I would absolutely love to do a family portrait session here one day 🙂 As it was, this space fit Naomi & Nico perfectly. It’s quirky and interesting, just like them 🙂 I can’t thank them enough for introducing me to this incredible place!

merville mill portrait session
We weren’t really sure what this structure was. The building itself is an abandoned mill in Merville but this little piece had us stumped. The closest we could guess was a furnace or incinerator of some kind. Any guesses?TeWinkel-B&W (32 of 39) (Medium)comox valley couples session graffiti comoxAren’t these chair amazing? Naomi brought these from home to add some more personality into their session. I fully encourage the use of items that are special and unique to you in your session. It will make the images mean that much more to you when you look back on them years later.
cute couples shoot in comoxcouple in love merville engagement sessionThis image (above) has to be my absolute favorite from their session 🙂 I love that Naomi is standing on tip toe to look up at Nico. Their love for each other is expressed so perfectly in this image. I also adore all of the color and texture around them! 
black & white engagement photosmerville graffiti
Aren’t the colors in here amazing? I’m looking forward to going back soon to see how much the graffiti has changed since we were there last! merville portraits comox valley portrait sessionNo, you’re not seeing double lol I did include this image twice. ^ I really couldn’t decide which version I loved more, color or black & white, so I included both. graffiti engagement photosDrastic height differences make for creative posing opportunities 🙂 You’ll notice that I had Naomi standing on things or Nico sitting down when I needed to even out the height difference a little for a few poses.
comox ruins comox portrait session

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