10 Reasons Why You Should Shop Local

shop local

shop local

10 Reasons Why You Should Shop Local

In this post I’m going to talk about some of the benefits of choosing to shop local. You’ll learn more about what happens when you support the businesses in your community and maybe discover a new local business or two to visit!

I love my Starbucks and chain stores as much as the next person and while I believe that there’s room for all different types of businesses in our community, I do have a soft spot for local businesses! Maybe it’s because I’m a small business owner myself 🙂

I’d love to hear from you in the comments on why you choose to shop locally and what some of your favorite local businesses are!

1.Your spending will boost the local economy

You aren’t putting money into the pockets of a board of directors or shareholders in another country. The money you spend with a local business goes right back into the community in the form of employee wages, local activities & programs, education, and shopping at other local businesses. That money puts food on the table, puts kids through school & extra curricular activities, and creates even more opportunities for the businesses you shop at to grow and serve you better.

2. Job creation

Local businesses tend to hire local people and are more likely to hire people who are a good fit for the position rather than hiring someone they can get away with paying less, including our youth or bringing in workers from other countries that will work for a lower wage.

3. Product Diversity

There are many locally owned businesses that specialize in locally sourced hand crafted products. The community I live in boasts a cheese maker (Little Qualicum Cheeseworks), a restaurant that offers a farm to table style menu rich with local flavor, (Realm Food Co. ), and an abundance of interesting and beautiful artisan shops, markets, and home decor stores!

4. Local & Ethically Farmed Food

It’s very easy to find locally farmed produce, eggs & ethically raised meat. It’s also better for you as produce is usually picked when it’s ripe instead of being picked when it’s green and brought in from somewhere else. If you frequent local farmers markets you will find many local farmers selling their product there. Many of them are also accessible online for more information about their farm and pricing.

5. Social Circle & Networking

You will get to know the people that live, and work, in your community. You’ll meet new people with every new local business that you visit and perhaps even make new friends. If you’re a small business owner like I am, it presents networking opportunities as well as an opportunity for cross promotion and marketing. Lots of local businesses are also active in business associations like the local Chamber of Commerce and local business networking groups that provide referrals. These groups are all about supporting their group members and helping them to succeed.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Small businesses are more likely to support other locally owned businesses for their needs. They will use the locally owned coffee shop next door instead of driving across town to go to Starbucks. They’ll use the print shop down the street for their posters instead of ordering them online. They’ll source local suppliers for whatever they need when they can. This results in less shipping (no delivery truck or package flown in from another country), less packaging waste, and less transport costs.

7. Strengthen Communities

Local business owners are more likely to care about the community they operate in. You are more likely to see a well kept store front, community activism, less crime, and friendlier people. Local businesses also support local charities, sports teams & various school programs.

8. Tradition

Many local businesses are family operations and have been in business for generations. Supporting these businesses will ensure that they can continue to operate and pass the business down through the family for generations to come.

9. Customer Service

Without our customers most small businesses wouldn’t survive so it’s crucial to provide the best customer service that we can. A lot of that awesome customer service is provided by building relationships with customers and getting to know them so we can serve them more efficiently. You’ll get to know the barista so well that she’ll know you by name and have your coffee started as soon as she sees you walk in the door. You won’t get that kind of service in a drive thru.

10. Time

Shorter line ups, easily accessible staff so there’s less time spent searching for what you need, less driving time to bigger stores, and getting in & out of the store faster save a ton of time!

These links below will take you to some of my favorite local businesses, as well as some great sites about things to do in the area and information on visiting the Parksville/Qualicum Beach area 🙂 Stay tuned for another post about some of my favorite Nanaimo businesses coming soon!

What is your favorite local business or attraction? Tell me your favorites in the comments! I always love discovering new business. If you shop locally please share this post to encourage others to do the same!


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