Brandywine Falls Adventures

My adventures recently took me in a different direction on our way home from a trip to Edmonton. One of my favorite families asked if I would join them in Whistler for a fun afternoon with the kids. I haven’t been to Whistler in more years than I can remember so of course I said yes! :) We found an awesome spot at Brandywine Falls where the kids could run and play to their hearts content while I had the fun of capturing them scaling rocks and balancing on fallen logs. For the most part, the kids ignored me and my camera and enjoyed their play time but every so often I was able to get them to sit in one spot for a minute before they ran off again lol If you have high energy kids I highly recommend candid sessions like this rather than trying to get them to pose for the whole time, especially in the 2-4 age range. They’re much happier running around than being asked to sit on mom’s lap for a whole 3 minutes lol


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