Caitlyn | Nanaimo Photography

Graduation photography should be about more than a cap & gown. I mean, graduating university is kind of a big deal. Like a really big deal. Especially if you're graduating with a non-generic Bachelor of Arts degree like these ladies are! This is why when Caitlyn & Tegan contacted me to book their grad photos I knew we would be doing something a little different than the usual cap & gown shots. All the parents want those ones but I was sure that they would something more interesting for herself. It turns out that I was right! However, Tegan's photos will be in another blog post. Today we're going to talk about Caitlyn :) As soon as the ladies got to the studio Caitlyn was asking if we could do some shots outside since the weather was so perfect. I can never say no to taking advantage of sunlight while we have it so we quickly made plans to head over to Neck Point after we finished the in studio shots. After some googling how to wear the sash and scrounging for some safety pins to keep the sash in place, we finished up the cap & gown photos fairly quickly, even with a couple backdrop changes :)

Neck Point is such a beautiful location for photos, no matter what type of photography you do. There's stunning ocean views all around the park plus a variety of forest settings. This is why 90% of my sessions are shot here. It's perfect. It also doesn't hurt that it's practically in my backyard lol

Plus, can I just mention that this is February? My first winter in 10 years with no sign of snow! This is incredible :)

I treated the rest the of the session just like a beauty session, put all of the focus on showing off Caitlyn's natural beauty. I wanted Caitlyn to have some beautiful portraits of herself to remember this time in her life. I think we succeeded! Congrats on the degree Caitlyn! Enjoy your portraits :)

nanaimo photographer nanaimo photograher neck point photography nanaimo photographer nanaimo photographer nanaimo beauty portraits nanaimo portraits nanaimo photographer "Tanya was absolutely incredible this morning! She makes you feel like a super model and look like one too. She asked us what we wanted and then made it happen perfectly. - Caitlyn "