Jenny | Head Shots

I firmly believe that every single person needs a decent headshot.

No, selfies don’t count.

This especially applies if you work in any sort of professional capacity or are self employed. You just can’t expect people to take you seriously as a business owner if your profile picture involves a cell phone selfie with a bunny ear Snapchat filter.

“How would they know what my profile picture is?” you ask? That’s easy. Potential clients do their research on which businesses they choose to spend money with these days. A simple google search of your business name will turn up a link to your Facebook, or other social media, profiles - even your personal one. If you do any advertising in Facebook groups then your profile picture is right there for everyone to see.

That’s your first impression.

Is it a good one?

A good headshot has so many different uses. They can be used for updating profile photos on social media accounts, online dating profiles, book covers, your “about me” page on your website, and so much more!


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