Riley + Igor | Nanaimo Engagement Session

I always like to do an engagement session with my wedding clients and there’s a few reasons for that! It gives us a chance to work together before your wedding day so there’s no surprises. Even a quick 15 minute session with you will give me all the info I need on how to make you look your best on the big day. It gives me a pretty good idea on what you’re comfortable with AND you get some cute photos to put up on your walls and share with family & friends! :) It’s a win/win!

Igor & Riley did their engagement session with me literally a week before the wedding lol It was short & sweet but turned out beautifully! Would you have guessed that this cute spot is at the edge of a gravel parking lot? It’s not about the location though :) It’s about showing how much these two adorable people love each other! :)

Here’s a few highlights for now and stay tuned for their wedding blog post!!

- Tanya