Taylor | Outdoor Boudoir Photography

Outdoor boudoir photos really aren't that different than indoor. I mean, yes, there's some posing differences and the occasional bug to deal with but all in all, the concept is still the same. It's all in the location! Outdoors can be just as private as indoors :) Even in the most public of places there's always secluded spots that not many people know about. Of course, if you're not so comfortable with that idea there's always the privacy of your backyard :) In this case, our location was perfect! We shot this session at Whitemud Park in Edmonton, AB. This lovely young lady was brave enough to agree to an outdoor boudoir session and the last I heard was that she is absolutely thrilled with how they turned out, which is super awesome because so am I!  This is a great example of a secluded, semi private spot in the middle of a very public location. Whitemud Park is one of the most popular green spaces in the Edmonton area so needless to say there's any number of people using the park at any given time. It may not look like it but we were only 10 feet off of a very busy trail in the park but thanks to the thickness of the trees and the brush nobody was able to see what we were up to. That said, most people aren't walking the trails watching for pretty ladies taking photos in their underwear :) It would be a very unexpected sight should anyone have spotted us lol

outdoor boudoir

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Also, just a quick note before you venture into the wild outdoors in your skivvies...PLEASE brush up on your knowledge of plants such as Poison Oak, Poison Ivy & Sumac! The last thing that anyone wants is a rash on their butt (or worse!!) Just to give you an idea of what they look like, here's a few images, plus an article on how to identify them! Safe shooting ladies & gents :)

(Don't forget to open this link in a new tab or window!)

Article: http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/how-to-recognize-poison-ivy-oak-and-sumac-topic-overview