A Dog's Life | Rathtrevor Park Portrait Session

Jennie won one of my “Cutest Pet” Facebook contests a while back and when you look at Copper you can totally see why! Isn’t he just the cutest little guy ever? I mean, I may have a soft spot for Beagles in general but he’s pretty sweet :)

We chose Rathtrevor for the lush green forest and choice of locations within a short distance. I still wasn’t walking too far at this point so Rathtrevor is always a great choice for those with mobility issues! It’s nice and flat lol

Copper was a perfect gentleman and took his treats oh so gently and sat so nicely for me :) You’d never know by looking at the photos that he’s a little ball of excitement and energy! lol Copper’s humans were pretty awesome and well behaved too ;)

Here’s a few highlights from our session. Enjoy!


Jody & Chris | Romantic Couple Photos

As far as romantic spots for photos go, Neck Point is still one of my favorites, particularly the one small beach with the lagoon. Don't quote me on this, but I think it's called Sunset Beach. You've probably seen this spot quite a bit on this blog lol It's the perfect rocky beach with the evergreen forest in the background, the gorgeous green water and the perfect selection of driftwood.

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